1. Where is the fiberglass lamination done (where is the boat actually built)?
Ours is done in our own “on premise” glass shop by Howard employees not piece workers. This insures that only the finest in quality, materials and labor go into your new Howard Custom Boat.

2. How is the boat built?
All of our boats are 100% hand laid utilizing vinyl-ester resin, Bi & Tri Directional glass and Baltek cored hulls and decks.Our stringers and transoms are 26lb high density pvc and fiber reinforced foam.Our bulkheads are vacuum bagged balsa deco lite panels.

3. How long does the boat stay in the mold?
Every Howard Custom Boat is left in the mold for two weeks allowing for proper curing and lamination time. This insures that both maximum hull strength and integrity are achieved.

4. How many stringers are used?
We use 4-5; full length foam stringers encapsulated in fiberglass.

5. Are the floors, seat bases and sundecks made of wood or fiberglass?
We use only fiberglass. This insures maximum strength and longevity as opposed to wood which has the potential to rot and work itself loose. Our floors have molded-in ski lockers and ice chests.

6. What kind of fasteners are used?
All of our fasteners are American made stainless steel aircraft-rated Allen head bolts or sockets with nyloc nuts.

7. Is the deck hardware thru bolted or just screwed in?
We thru bolt “every” piece of deck hardware and secure it with nyloc nuts.

8. Is “all” hardware either anodized aluminum or polished stainless steel?
With us it is. We don’t use cast or raw aluminum parts which are weak and tend to corrode easily.

9. After cutting or drilling, are “all” holes resin coated to insure proper sealing of all surfaces?
This insures that no water or moisture comes into contact with any raw or untreated surfaces.

10. How are the fuel tanks held in place?
“All” of our tanks are held in place by permanently mounted bulkheads (not merely glassed to the hull sides). On models with belly tanks they are additionally foamed in as well.

11. How are the open-bow models made? Are they merely a cut-out version of a closed deck model or do they utilize a separate mold built for the application?
All of our bow-riders (open-bows) feature an inner liner bow area that is actually part of a distinct separate mold-not merely cut out from a closed deck offering. By creating a mold to form the open-bow area, maximum hull strength and integrity are maintained in the hull itself, rather than with plywood fortification used on boats with cut-out sections.

12. How is the upholstery made?
We use only the finest grade of marine vinyl fabrics. Our foam is the best available. Our carpet is 4Ooz. marine grade plush pile. All of the wood is resin coated. All staples are stainless steel. Each set of upholstery is custom made thus insuring a perfect fit.

13. Can I literally design my own boat?
At Howard Custom Boats you can. Not only do you choose your own colors, graphics and interior layout, but any other custom features you may want. If it can be done, we’ll do it!

14. Can I watch my boat being built?
Absolutely! We want and encourage you to see what we do and how we do it. To those that Won’t let you watch, ask why? Are they afraid of what you might see?

15. What standard equipment does the boat come with?
Our standard equipment list reads like our competitions option list. Don’t be mislead by low-ball pricing on competitors stripped down models.

16. Does the boat flex, rattle or shake when you push on it?
If it does any of the above out of water, just think what it will do in the water. Push on theirs. Push on ours. You be the judge.

17. Can I go for a test ride?
Absolutely! How else will you know a boat handles and performs without one. We let our boats sell themselves. We are one of the only manufactures that build running plugs and make changes to the design before we build our molds which is one of the reasons our boats out perform the competition. Arrange for a test ride today and see for yourself.

18. What kind of warranty do you offer?
We offer a limited Lifetime Hull warranty to the original purchaser (see warranty for specific details) backed by 50+ years of continuous operation.